Print Media
Pamphlets, Cards, Magazines, and more!
Website Design
State of the art websites created using Visual Composer.
A variety of Illustrations from passion to request!

John Nakoneczny

Dedicated to my work and Enjoys the fun in what I do!

A dedicated graphic design professional with 7+ years of experience. Specialize in the creative design of print and digital media such as illustrations, emails and website layouts. Now seeking to contribute creative knowledge and skill to advance and innovate the field of graphic art.

Website Design

State of the art websites for a variety of businesses!

My portfolio includes a wide range of websites. The subject matter ranges from construction to services to nonprofit. Each website is carefully and expertly designed with the clients vision in mind. Using tools such as Visual Composer, I am able to create state of the art websites efficiently that every client is proud of and expertly shows their business in style!

All websites shown were completed as an employee of Lehman Website Design and Marketing



A variety of unique and appealing designs!

As far back as I can remember, illustrating has been a constant passion of mine. To this day I continue to create works of art that further shows my continued learning and evolving works as well as my sincerity towards the art of illustration!

Other Media

Pamphlets, Magazines, Business Cards, you name it!

From magazine layouts to business cards, there are many different kinds of media in the world of graphic design. I have a large array of examples that show many kinds of media as well as my experience and expertise through each project. Be it a law firm or a restaurant, I have a variety of pieces that will surely peak your interest!

All projects shown were completed as an employee at Lehman Website Design and Marketing




I’ve had the pleasure of designing not only their website but their magazines as well. I am still currently designing the magazines so keep a lookout on the CompassOhio website for new [...]