Should you use a page builder for your web design projects?

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Personally I agree with what is being said here. In today’s day and age, clients want a website that is attractive, efficient and functional. Instead of shelling out money for code, they want to instead pay for the design. With some of today’s page builder programs, you can get state of the art and unique websites without having to fully code the entirety of it. Not only does it give the designer more freedom but it also give the client easy tools to work on it themselves! As a web designer, I have used a page builder for my websites and all the clients at the previous place I worked at were very pleased with their sites! Web designer and web developer are different professions in my opinion. As a designer I rather spend my time making a site look as good as possible instead of pushing through line after line of code as a developer. Though that’s just my opinion but with a little research, I get the feeling that times are changing with web design!

“To use a page builder, or not? Does using a page builder mean you’re not a “real” developer? Does it undermine the industry? Or does it make things easier for you and your clients and offer a great solution to the struggles many clients face when it comes to editing their websites?

If you’ve been poking around my site lately, and you know how to look at the page code, you may have noticed something. You might have noticed that this latest incarnation of my website was actually built with Beaver Builder.”

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