About Me


An Artist as far back as I can remember.

I was always into art even when I was younger. It wasn’t until I reached High School that I began to pursue art as a career. I have always been passionate about illustrating and that passion still carries on today. Later I tried my hands at graphic design with the help of a class in High School and found that the form of art was also interesting.

After High School I enrolled at The University of Akron Graphic Design program where I furthered my skills and knowledge in the craft. I was able to acquire my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree after graduating in 2014. With the skills I honed through my course work as well as my part time job as a graphic artist for the Residence Life and Housing department of the Akron Campus, I was able to get a job at Arthur Middleton Capital Holdings. It was later that I would get my next job at Lehman Website Design and Marketing where my skills and knowledge would further evolve with the experience I gained from the many kinds of projects brought in.

Today I am eager to further my artist career and am ready for the next stage of my professional life. I am ready to put the skills I have now to good use while at the same time, continue to learn and grow as an artist!